Enabling Jewish Life in the UAE

We relentlessly promote, empower and sustain the needs of the growing Jewish population in the UAE. Working closely with the UAE Government and fostering local and international partnerships to ensure that every Jewish community, resident and visitor can thrive materially and spiritually.


About Jewish UAE

Jewish UAE is an organization dedicated to supporting the growth and prosperity of Jewish communities, residents, and visitors in the UAE. Established in 2014, Jewish UAE services thousands of Jews living and visiting the United Arab Emirates. Jewish UAE currently represents three robust and growing communities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai collectively amounting to hundreds of members strong.

In its efforts to meet the increasing demand for Jewish infrastructure, Jewish UAE has established numerous entities and institutions featuring a Nursery, Hebrew school, education and welfare programs, including facilities for community gatherings and religious services as well as EAKC food and beverage Kosher Compliance Certification and much more.

As an organization, Jewish UAE puts an emphasis on collaboration. We aim to make it as easy, seamless, and inviting as possible for interested parties to work with us. We recognize the value of collaboration and seek long term partnership with value driven parties committed to dealing in good faith, trust, and social responsibility.

Founded by a bold visionary, Rabbi Levi Duchman, Jewish UAE is driven with purpose to continue fostering key collaborations, establish institutions and community centers as well as broaden the organizations services to ensure the continuous growth and success of the Jewish communities and individuals living and visiting the UAE. As an organization we are founded on principles of Jewish values, respect, inclusiveness, and co-existence.  


Special Gratitude:

With special gratitude we wat to express our deep appreciation and thanks to our cherished relationship and gracious support of H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler &  President of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai and the UAE Sheikdoms and Governments that have enabled Jewish UAE to provide such critical communal services.


Our Services

Each of Jewish UAE’s various agencies has a unique focus, ensuring that Jewish life in the UAE is dynamic and available to all. 

EAKC - Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification

EAKC promotes kosher certification of the highest standards while offering clients the best possible experience and expanding the availability of kosher food in the region. It is the first local kosher certification in the UAE.

Jewish Dubai - Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Dubai  

Located in the Al Wasl district, JCC is the hub of Dubai’s Jewish communal activities, including synagogue services serving various heritages; Shabbat and holiday celebrations; educational programs for children and adults; and more.

Beit Tefilah Synagogue of Abu Dhabi

The Beit Tefilah Synagogue is the only licensed Synagogue in Abu Dhabi (S.J. 001) headed by Rabbi Levi Duchman. We have a vibrant and young community in the capital with weekly Shabbatones, Minyan and Challah deliveries every friday morning. 

Mini-Miracles Nursery

Young children thrive in this magical and loving environment in the heart of Dubai, where they absorb the basic Jewish values of kindness and respect while enriching their understanding of the world. Mini Miracles Nursery is the only Hebrew speaking nursery in the UAE and has a multilingual staff and teaches children the values of tolerance, peace and coexistence from an early age. To learn more, reach out to Chevie Kogan on whatsapp.

Hebrew School Dubai (CHS)

The Gan kindergarten and Talmud Torah after-school program provide the children of the community with educational opportunities in a creative environment with a low student-teacher ratio. The highly qualified staff impart timeless Jewish teachings through contemporary educational practices every Friday. 

Mikvah of Dubai

Recognizing the primacy of family purity for the continuity of the Jewish people, we facilitate the mitzvah of immersion in a kosher mikvah for the women of the community as well as those who are visiting. For more information, contact Chevie Kogan through whatsapp.

Guest and Tourist Services

As the UAE becomes a prime destination for Jewish visitors from around the world, Jewish UAE has risen to the occasion with a robust array of services to meet the needs of the visitors, including: Shabbat meals and services; kosher food; convenient accommodations; hotel and travel information; and any other way we can help.
To contact us for any questions you have, whatsapp us.


Our Mission

The Jewish Community of the UAE (Jewish UAE) was founded by Rabbi Levi Duchman - Rabbi to the UAE. We are committed to serving all Jews in the UAE; residents and visitors, with unconditional love and respect.

Jewish UAE is committed to promoting Jewish knowledge, awareness and practice, strengthening Jewish identity and affording every Jew the opportunity to experience the joy and vibrancy of his or her Jewish heritage. We are devoted to providing exemplary educational, religious, and social services for young and old alike, regardless of background or affiliation.