Under the visionary leadership of His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE is a welcoming place for people of all faiths, and the Jewish community enjoys a number of synagogues that cater to everyone.
Below is a list of synagogues that in the country as well as more information on the types of services and gatherings offered and the times of day they take place.



JCC – Jewish Community Center of the UAE
The JCC is located in the Al Wasl district area of Dubai. Al Wasl is a lively district and is near upscale areas such as City Walk.
The JCC is home to many communal activities, and hostsuses:
  • The Community Synagogue. 
  • Communal Shabbat & Holiday Celebrations
  • JCC Head Office.
  • Kids’ Gan kindergarten.
  • Talmud Torah
  • One- on- One Learning Sessions.
  • Daily Halacha Classes.
  • Social Gatherings.


For the JCC’s address, please reach out via WhatsApp: +971 56 958 2971
As Dubai’s diverse Jewish community includes people from many different backgrounds and traditions, the JCC honors our community with several types of services, including a Sephardic service, an Ashkenazic service, and one especially geared for children. The sanctuary has a beautiful ark which was custom-made locally in Dubai and is a beautiful example of the expert artisanship the country is known for. The ark houses the Torah scrolls. Prayer books are available in four languages to accommodate congregants on any level of Jewish knowledge and of all nationalities. In keeping with Jewish law, men and women are seated separately. 
Prayers and songs often weave together various traditions, such as songs with Ashkenazic pronunciation sung with a traditional Egyptian tune. We are often fortunate to host a guest cantor from the main synagogue in Mumbai, India, who includes ancient Indian Jewish songs in the liturgy. Many members attend the Shabbat services, which are followed by a lavish kiddush.


Prayer/Minyan Schedule

The JCC Synagogue holds daily prayer services* 
Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 AM
Friday: 8:30 AM
Mincha: 5:15 PM
Maariv/Kabalat Shabbat:  6:00 PM
Shachrit: 10:30 AM
Mincha: 2:30 PM
Maariv: Shabbat End
*Due to the recent Covid-19 updated regulations, daily Minyan Services will temporarily not take place.


The Palm Jumeirah / Dubai Marina


The Dubai Marina near the Palm Jumeirah is home to the all-inclusive Shabbat experience at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel, with 5-star service, delicious meals catered by Treat Kosher, and inspiring prayer services led by the JCC associate rabbis.


For more information about the Shabbat services at the Dubai Marina, click here.


Prayer/Minyan Schedule

The Address Dubai Marina Synagogue holds Shabbat prayer services


Mincha: 5:15 PM
Maariv/Kabalat Shabbat:  6:00 PM
Shachrit: 10:30 AM
Mincha: 2:30 PM
Maariv: Shabbat End


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Getting to the JCC:

You can easily get around Dubai with taxi services such as Uber, Careem or by renting a car.


More Information:

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