Observing the practices of Taharat Hamishpacha (Family Purity) and immersing in a mikvah bring tremendous blessing to a marriage. This beautiful mitzvah has sustained and enriched generations of Jewish families since ancient times.



A mikvah is fundamental to the continuity of the Jewish people and is a mainstay of a Jewish community. At this time, women in the UAE use the ocean as a mikvah, accompanied by a member of our staff. We offer the facilities of a nearby villa to make the experience as comfortable as possible.



Please contact Chevi for further information or to set up an appointment for mikvah immersion. 



Even though technically the ocean can be used as a Mikvah, the JCC is currently finalizing the plans for an upscale, luxurious Mikvah befitting the sophistication of the emirate. We encourage you to partner with us in building a beautiful Mikvah that will be a pillar of our community for generations to come. Please click here donate.afjuae.com to be part of this exciting venture.


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