Jewish Education for Children in UAE
The Jewish people are famously known as “the People of the Book” for their dedication to their children’s education. “Chinuch”—Torah education—is the underpinning of Jewish life, enabling the continuity of our people. You are never too young to begin Jewish education: according to tradition, it literally begins in the womb, when an angel teaches the unborn child Torah.


The Jewish Community Center of the UAE provides both daily and weekly educational opportunities for the children of our community in a creative and progressive environment with a low student-teacher ratio. Our Gan kindergarten and Talmud Torah after-school program, which were founded in YEAR, are the pride of the community, merging timeless teachings with cutting-edge educational practices and led by highly-trained staff.


The classes are held in a dedicated space that is fully equipped with furnishings, books, and supplies to ensure a fun, creative and educational experience. Through happy songs, art projects, delicious holiday treats and so much more, the children absorb Judaism with all their senses. They bring home their excitement in learning about Alef-Bet, mitzvot, holidays, and more.


Our educational programs are tailored to the individual learning style of each child. The children thrive through song, stories, arts and crafts, and other fun activities.


Gan offers daily half-day sessions for young children starting at age two. Our experienced and warm teachers will lovingly care for your child while imbuing them with a love for Jewish life through hands-on activities.


Talmud Torah offers an after-school opportunity each Wednesday for school-age children up to age eleven to enrich their understanding of Judaism and foster their knowledge of the Hebrew language. 

Mini Miracles is a magical environment where children learn to understand feelings, kindness, respect for one another and have the opportunity to develop both holistically and academically. We are a multi lingual nursery and we distinguish ourselves in giving the best educational standards to our children. We believe in the importance of laying the foundations for good manners, cultural diversity, knowledge, and secular Jewish traditions and values.

For information on Mini Miracles email [email protected]

For more information and to enroll your child, contact the JCC office.