Adult Education - Torah Study

The vast sea of knowledge represented by the word “Torah” is the heritage of every Jew, no matter what their background. Learning Torah connects us with G‑d and with one another. Our stimulating classes, taught by experienced rabbis and teachers, engage men and women in deepening their understanding of Jewish texts, practices, and beliefs. 


Every Wednesday, we offer a class on the weekly Torah portion that will be read that Shabbat in synagogue from the Torah scroll. The class delves into insights in the text and their relevance to contemporary life. In this way, in the course of the year, we study the entire Five Books of Moshe, each year gaining new wisdom.


These communal study sessions offer a meaningful and enjoyable opportunity for people to gather together to enhance their Jewish knowledge. Refreshments are served and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.


If you have a particular area of interest and would like to be set up with a study partner, please contact us.